Private & Group Sessions


Private Sessions

Soul Alignment Sessions

I feel into what is out of alignment, and that is where we do our work. 

When you are struggling with something in life, I use mystical + practical means to: 

– deepen you into yourself
– get clear about this stage in your life journey
– clear away the limits that stop you

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To learn more, read on…

When I speak of “mystical means”, I speak to divination tools, intuition, spirituality, and energy systems. Things like oracle/tarot cards, crystals, aromatherapy, pendulums, muscle testing, Human Design, astrology, Eastern Philosophies, archetypes/gods/goddesses, earth medicine, moon cycles, Reiki-type energy work, chakras, PSYCH-K, and so much more.

When I speak of “practical means”, I speak to my degree in psychology, my life coaching training, my business training, and my knack for organization.

I synthesize all of my professional, personal, and sacred work into an experience of clarity + divine guidance, peace and renewed empowerment for you.

I’ve got you ♥

You just show up, and I hold you through the whole process.

I’ve done Sessions with people who weren’t particularly “woo-woo”.
I’ve done Sessions with people who are Christian.
I’ve done Sessions with people who spoke the language as fluently as I did.
I’ve done Sessions with people who initially intimidated the hell out of me because of their own knowledge.

I’ve done Sessions with men, but mostly women.
I’ve done Sessions with teenagers, mothers, grandmothers, couples, single child-free adults.
I’ve done Sessions with people who are transgender and/or anywhere on the sexuality/gender continuum.
I’ve done Sessions with people who are polyamorous and/or live kinky lifestyles.
I’ve done Sessions with people who were so average, their house had a white picket fence to contain their 2.5 kids and a dog.

I’ve done Sessions with women who were being called to leave their partners and children.
I’ve done Sessions with couples who were in times of deep struggle.
I’ve done Sessions with people who just lost a parent or loved one.
I’ve done Sessions with people who just left (or wanted to leave) their jobs and start a whole new life.

I’ve done Sessions with people who were freaking the fuck out because what laid ahead scared the shit out of them.
I’ve done Sessions with people who were just contemplative and curious about what the future held for them.

However you show up, I’ve got you.

I share all of these because I don’t have a “type” of person I work with.

What makes us a good fit is when: 

  • you trust me, resonate with me, and/or are drawn to work with me for any reason
  • you are interested in how you can show up for any life experience more self-empowered
  • you feel open to the “mystical means” + divine guidance I offer you
  • you are eager to do your work with what we find



… I share this, because I want you to know that I fully embrace your uniqueness. Your truths will not shock nor repel me. I am ideal for people whose flavor is too rich for some folks.

… I share this, because I hope it illustrates how unique each Session is. I personalize each Session to meet you right where you are at and take you where you want to go.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out my rave reviews ♥


Technical details:

  • Sessions are about an hour and half, but I recommend allotting 2 hours in case we run over
  • usually done over Facebook Messenger (note – card readings are typed sessions)
  • are $140 (if this is out of your price range, see “Group Sessions” below)
  • upon sign up, you will receive an email with all the details you will need to smoothly flow through the process
  • usually Soul Alignment Sessions end up being mostly life coaching + card reading, so I send you an e-workbook to use through the session


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If you still have questions, please message me here.



Specific Sessions

In a Soul Alignment Session, we flow through “means” as I feel divinely guided.

But sometimes people request specific “means”, in which case I offer:

  • Human Design Sessions – deepening into who you are, through a reading of your personalized Human Design chart
  • Card Readings – clarity about your life journey at this point, through a 10+ card spread that we move through 1 card at a time
  • PSYCH-K Sessions – clearing away the limits that stop you, through rewriting beliefs stored in your subconscious

The cost is the same for an hour and a half session – just indicate in the sign up process which type of Session you are wanting.


Limited Edition Sessions

Sometimes the stars are aligned for a fun project or a flash sale.


  • Mercrograde Sessions (astrology + card reading to find out what Mercury in Retrograde is offering you the opportunity to work on)
  • Allergy or Affliction Release with PSYCH-K (a short 20 minute PSYCH-K session to get rid of food allergies or car sickness, etc.)
  • Human Design Transit Sessions (Group Sessions to talk about what is in transit and how it impacts you)
  • half price card readings when I have a block of time 

You can find these types of Sessions by following my Facebook Page. I offer them as they are available, and offer the details in the specific post. Feel free to message me with any questions you have about these Sessions.


Re-Empower Readings

A Reading is a shorter version of a Session – 1 hour long. $100.

These are ideal for lovelies whose issue feels simpler, so will take less time to get to the heart of the matter.
These are also ideal for beloveds who have already worked with me, because it takes less time since we are already established.

Because of the nature of these connections, the time cap is a strict 1 hour ♥

To sign up for a Reading, click here.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions run very similarly to the rest of my Sessions, but instead of doing it as one person, you do it in a group.

You can bring a group to me for a Session, or I can place you into groups based on similar issues/topics.

The benefits to Group Sessions are:

  • the cost is split between the number of people in the group
  • you get to benefit from each other’s contributions to the Session
  • you can offer support and insight to the group and maybe make new friends
  • you can “try me out” before scheduling a private session 

The drawback to Group Sessions are:

  • less one-on-one time with me
  • less personalization in the Session
  • less flexibility on availability 

To sign up for a Group Session, message me here with what kind of Session/issue/topic you are interested in, and we can plan out the details. Also, follow my Facebook Page to see when Group Sessions are available.