Work With Me


What I do:

I help people through their stuck spots.

I empower people to live more empowered lives. I know – there’s a lot of power in that sentence.

I give people giant KABAMs that shake them up like an earthquake, and I also offer gentler weekly practices to integrate it.

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Nova has a true GIFT.
My reading last week gave me deep insight and clarity in to my fears. It was a powerful reminder that I am on the right path and that I can take that next step, leap or jump.
I came to Nova because I am at crossroads in my life with my career and my desire to follow my heart and true calling.
After our session, I made a huge decision that I had been resisting making for a long time. I can breath now. I feel revitalized and see so many opportunities.
I am so thankful for the opportunity for guidance and connection with this beautiful soul, Nova.
— Kate Wasserman


Who I work with:

Those demographic questions for my “target audience” or “ideal client” always stumped me.

My clients aren’t people who look like this, own that, or live some specific picture of life.

Most of my clients live outside boxes in deeply meaningful ways.

But that’s not (just) what makes them my ideal clients.

I realized my ideal clients have an internal similarity vs an external one. They:

  • question the status quo and live lives (more and more everyday) that align with their insides, their desires
    – and that this requires a sort of bravery they may not even realize they have
  • practice and/or live some sort of sacred badassery – connection to a source (God/Goddess, Universe, Earth, Serendipity, etc)
    that trickles down to a connection to authentic self + intentional living
  • are committed to their inner work and their personal journey, knowing doing the work is worth it

What makes you my ideal client is that…

  • you trust me, resonate with me, and/or are drawn to work with me for any reason
  • you are interested in how you can show up for any life experience more self-empowered
  • you feel open to the “mystical means” + divine guidance I offer you
  • you are eager to do your work with what we find


My main tools:

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Human Design is a system of understanding + honoring yourself.

It is based on a natal chart, and in a reading of that chart, we cover:

  • the basics of Human Design
  • personalized info about your Design (or whoever’s chart we read)
  • the basics of reading your chart, so you can do your own research
  • any questions you have
  • real life applications 

*requires birth date, time, and location for chart



As a life midwife, my card readings are less fortune-telling and more “what is going on + what inner work is there to be done to move through this”.

Card Readings fast track the life coaching experience, because instantly we know:

  • what’s going on
  • where it came from
  • where you are going
  • what your opportunities are
  • what the greater purpose of this is




We store limiting beliefs and patterns in our subconscious.

PSYCH-K is a simple tool to tap right into our subconscious and rewrite those beliefs, so we can live effortlessly in our intentions (vs. struggling to live and feel differently).

Since PSYCH-K works with beliefs, it has limitless applications, such as:

  • abundance/business blocks
  • trauma healing
  • relationship patterns
  • health, wellness, allergies
  • pretty much everything



Truthfully, life coaching is embedded in every moment with my clients. Each of the tools I use is flavored with a life coaching experience.

My life coaching is a synthesis of all my personal and professional background (there is a LOT of both). I draw from a well of:

  • 20+ years devoted to my own “self help” journey
  • my degree in psychology
  • life coaching training
  • business training
  • a knack for organization (explained by my astrology and my Human Design)

It is my job to hold you fully in all your truths and all your depths. It is my pleasure and my honor to hold space for you while you fall apart and help you re-construct the pieces in a way that truly serves you.


My offers:

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Soul Alignment Sessions are 60 or 90 minute sessions, where I utilize any of my tools I feel called toward:

  • – Human Design
  • – Cards
  • – PSYCH-K
  • – life coaching
  • – more

… to move you through whatever you are stuck in.

You can also sign up for a specific type of session, if you know for sure you want to do that work.



This program is about learning + integrating Human Design knowledge + practice of your Human Design into your life.

We meet weekly for a 30 minute session, where you bring your struggles and we see them through the lens of Human Design.

The goal is to get into the habit of living in your Design:

  • – your strategy and authority
  • – knowledge of your definition (centers, channels, gates)
  • – awareness of your not-self themes
  • – etc

*may also include PSYCH-K or card reading, as your needs call for



Empower is a 2-hour long session with a special price that is ideal for:

  • – New Years
  • – a birth day
  • – a wedding gift
  • – any life changing/rite of passage type event

It includes:

  • – a workbook for exploration and clarity
  • – PSYCH-K to release the past
  • – a card reading for the future
  • – more PSYCH-K to step powerfully into the future



My Rates:

Currently, my rates are $60/hour, so:

  • Soul Alignment Session (“Soul Work” 60 minute session) = $60/session
  • Soul Alignment Session (“Deep Dive” 90 minute session) = $90/session
  • Integrate Program (30 minute session per week) = $30/week

The exception is the Empower Package that is $99 (2 hours).

My rates will gradually climb over time, and will be current on here.

To work with me, you can click on any of the pictures above to be taken to a page with more details and sign up instructions.

I am looking forward to doing this work with you,
Nova ♥