Work With Me


I offer video classes

  • that are free to the general public
  • on topics that interest me, whether I am new to the topic or a seasoned expert
  • some Mondays at 2pm central time
  • live on my Facebook Page or on Zoom
  • announced on my Facebook Page (and sometimes includes an e-book/e-workbook) Monday morning


I offer group sessions

  • based on similarity of an issue or topic at hand
  • as a lower-price option (the group splits my regular cost)
  • as an opportunity to glean wisdom from others during the process
  • more personalized than the video classes, less personalized than a private session
  • for more information, click here


I offer private sessions

  • for one-on-one time with me to do personalized work together
  • because you are struggling with something in life and you feel I can help you
  • to dive deeper into a topic from one of my videos or group sessions
  • for more information, click here