Soul Alignment Sessions

“Fasten your socks… Because they will be knocked right off!” ~Annette, who had just lost her father
 Like the shamans, soothsayers, oracles, and medicine wo/men we have visited since the beginning of time, I tap into the Divine. I hold a powerful space to help you integrate your life + your soul, to aid you during times of worry or wonder. ♥



I work most powerfully with women who are going through or craving CHANGE…

– transition – transformation – breakthrough – falling apart – coming together –

  • Women who believe more is possible than what they are living right now.
  • Women who have been stuck and are ready for movement.
  • Women who look within to create change, or are ready to.
  • Women who are ready to value, make, and take the time to do this Work (the Session + the hOMework after).

I nail it pretty hard the first go-round, but I love to work with women who keep coming back for more, as life or issues bubble up in their new Awakening.

The work I do allows these beautiful women to…

Sink deep into their core and locate their profound Truth
Realign their Self, their Soul, and their Life, powerfully so
Set a course to live/grow in the basis of their rediscovered Center

It sounds simple, and that is the beauty of it. It is essence, and it is the Source of their Power.

It is not uncommon for women to be in tears when we locate their Source.

I hold a Power-Full space for souls to realign within.

I offer practical mysticism:

One part soul-talk and one part physical, measurable actions to take — to get from where you are to where you DESIRE to be.

And I deliver it all via the language of LOVE ♥

“OMG Nova!!!!! I am in tears! It is like you crawled inside my brain and heart and pulled out every secret thought and feeling that I have stuffed down and said “here…this!” You shone a spotlight on things that I should have known, but shoved out. I am already starting to see things differently! I am starting my practice tomorrow and am so excited to see where I will be and who I will be when I am finished. Thank you so much!!!!!!!” ~Serenity

To learn more about Why I’m the One to Do This Work, please click here.

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To read the many juicy and delicious successes

and rave reviews from my previous clients, please click here.

When you sign up for a Session with me, we start by connecting to you, your situation, and your bigger journey.

As I listen deeply to you, I tune into your energy and offer guidance as I am also feeling to my decks of cads to find the one with the right specialty + language for the job.

I do a full spread (10+ cards) and go through their story with you one card at a time, offering you a picture of the card and their + my intuitive clarity + guidance. Some cards come with more information to share than others, and the Reading as a whole is very comprehensive, but you are welcome to ask clarifying questions along the way.

Also, along the way, I will offer you suggestions/Medicine/hOMework, for you to do after our Reading (I recommend having a paper and pen to make the list as we go), to bring about deeper and lasting alignment ♥

I prefer to do my Readings via Facebook private messaging, because it is simplest (and I like simple), because writing activates my intuitive flow, and because you can save the reading forever and refer back to it often, as you are invited to do ♥ But if you are not on Facebook, we can find another medium that meets both our needs.

Plan for your Session to take about an hour and half, so I can do your Work justice.

How long it actually takes depends on how big/deep the situation is in your life, how deep you want to go, your clarity on the situation, how well we speak the same language, how many questions you ask, and the information that flows to me for you.

I have had incredibly powerful Sessions that took 45 minutes and I have gone over the 2 hours because it was right for both of us.

How much time we spend together is up to you.



I have been a Healer for a long time, and I am constantly seeking brilliant ways to touch more lives + balance my budget with my values, and my investment in you with your investment in me.

Currently, my sweet spot is $150 per hour (with a 45 minute minimum).

Sometimes I offer Donation-Based Readings or Special Offers, as a way to touch as many lives as I can, without finances being a barrier.

My full-paying clients fill my cup, so I can offer these Readings as my reserves allow (thank you).


Because each Session is unique, it can be difficult to foretell how much time it will take to dive into this work together and do it justice. An hour and a half is usually the perfect fit.

It happens that lovely souls who sign up to work with me want to extend our time together, and so I allot 2 1/2 hours in my schedule for each of my appointments, and you are welcome to pay me at the end of our Session if you chose to stay engaged with me beyond the original amount of time.

And if you find your answers, your peace, before our time has ended, I am delighted to offer to refund you the difference.

Sign up for a full session, without the worries. We will feel it as we go.

The Success Stories speak to the quality and power of my Work with women in this world, and I invite you to read them and imagine your own Success Story.

What Will It Entail?

Well…this depends on what are you seeking.

Imagine the relief of not only feeling at peace with the situation, but feeling it integrated into your heart in a way that uplifts you and makes you excited about the opportunities before you to grow and heal and be excited about + connected to your life again.

“This reading was UNBELIEVABLE in accuracy and positivity. I am an energy reader myself and her knowing and intuitive prowess is incredible. Not only were the cards and interpretations on point, there are AMAZING actionable steps I can take to help me with clarity. Her style is approachable and gentle with an easy encouragement to be the best I am (and reminders of things I already knew, but DESPERATELY needed reminding on). I came away from the reading refreshed, revitalized and with a greater sense of awe for my life path. This reading was priceless to me and was so on time, I almost wondered if she was somehow looking into my psyche for the last while. I am in awe and know I will be going back to the reading again and again for strength, encouragement and her gentle and timely advice. The words ‘thank you’ seems entirely lacking as a response to her reading.” — Sara, who was seeking life direction of the career variety

Book a Session with me….

1) Click here to complete payment – $150

2) Use this link to choose a date/time that works best for you. 

  • Please pick a date/time that best ensures a large block of uninterrupted time, if possible. Your investment, and mine, is worth it.
  • Contact me if my availability does not work and you need a special day or time. 

3) Check your Facebook messages and/or email no later than the night before our scheduled appointment (check your “other/invitation” box from a computer, if you don’t see it in your regular inbox) and accept my invitation to privately message with you

4) Meet me on Facebook private messaging at our appointed time, prepared for sacred and powerful magic ♥

What I’ll need from you…

In addition to pen and paper on hand, I invite openness…to something new or new information, to feeling into something you may think you already know but with a new feel to it.

I invite you to prepare yourself to take this information and create transformation in your life.

These Sessions are my way of saying, “I believe in you. Let’s do this.”

Are you ready?

Click here to book a Soul Alignment Session with me.

I am the soul chiropractor.


Big, instant healing ♥

Go forth Powerfully
and live magic.

With your deepest reason for being here,

Your Soul Work.