About Me


Hi, I’m Nova. 

I am so blessed to be connected with you.

If you have found me here, maybe you are already familiar with me?

Maybe you’ve seen that I am a single homeschooling mama to my 3 kids (ages 18, 10, and 8). My relationships with my children are deep and intentional, after devoting myself to revolutionizing my mamahood journey for about 10 years (now we mostly coast), with the focus on secure attachment, freedom, unconditional love, self-directed living and learning, authentic communication, and so many more nuances.

Maybe you’ve seen that we lived on the road for about 4 years (with a 2 year breather in Oregon). We hit the road before my youngest was 2, and we lived simple bliss that inspires me to this day.

Maybe you’ve seen that I live in tribe (in Austin, TX now). After years of seeking a tribal-style community to call home, we are finally living the dream with 3 other homeschooling families who share our values and lifestyle preferences (2 of them were nomads, too!).

Maybe you have seen me in groups of people living “alternative” lifestyles (self-designed lifestyles). Because I’m all about fully living and fully supporting authenticity.

Maybe you are drawn to me because of the things I post on Facebook (or an offer you saw me share there). I consider myself a conscious person, but I’m earthy and authentic – not of the lofty perfectionist variety. I’m comfortable with the full range of feelings and emotions and experiences. I hold space for real.

And in all of this is a theme I hope translates: I am unlimited.

I have worked through so much in my life, to release fears and limiting stories about what I can and can’t do, to release obligations that did not fuel my soul, to release other people’s judgments, so I could live fully and authentically in my bliss.

And that’s what I’m here to help you do. 

I help people get clear about who they are and what they desire, and then clear away the limits that stop them from living their bliss life from the inside out. Because I’ve done it.

To learn more about what I can do to help you, click here.

I wish you a life where your blessings are obvious ♥