Hello, Blessing!

I am Nova, and I’m delighted to connect with you.

I am a life midwife.

I help people move through the stuck spots.

When you are struggling with something,
I use mystical + practical means
to help deepen you back into yourself, see it all more clearly, and move through it
with the sense of the confidence, intention, and peace
that comes with KNOWING what is happening, why, and where it leads.

I specialize in taking you deeper into your Soul Truths,
shaking your stuck out and finding “a-ha!”s,
catalyzing your fear of transition into full-on inviting the transmutation.

My work is
truthbombs like slam poetry
squeezed from the bossom of a love sandwich.

I offer private sessions, group sessions, and video classes on my favorite topics.

I offer everything online, but love connecting in person whenever the opportunity arises.